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Become a master low brass musician with instructional lessons and trainings

Reach. Teach. Edify. Inspire.

For more than 15 years, equipping and cultivating the next generation of low brass artists and educators has been our mission.


What began in 2004 as the desire of one man to share his professional knowledge and expertise with young trombonists is now a full-service music brand and teaching academy, devoted to the education and enrichment of all low brass musicians through the art of skillful instruction and performance. 


D. Mirvil Music is the culmination of years devoted to serving the needs of aspiring musicians, music educators and performing ensembles. With a range of services to assist both individuals and programs, we are ready to help you become the master musician you desire to be.

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Glasses and Music Sheet

Instruction for Students.
Insight for Educators.

Are you a student hoping to sharpen your skills on the trombone, euphonium or tuba? Or, maybe you're a music educator who needs assistance with your low brass section or ensemble. Whatever your needs, D. Mirvil Music can help with services offered through our expert teaching academy. 



Get to know the man behind the brand, Dr. Dunwoody Mirvil.


What Our Students Say

"I have had the privilege of working with Dunwoody for the past five years, both online and in person. I haven't had one session with him that has been anything less than excellent. He is a phenomenal musician and teacher that has a unique, fun, and professional approach to the performing arts."

Cole Menacof, student

"The fact that Dr. Mirvil's passion and purpose is teaching is evident in every lesson I've had with him... He had me approach trombone and music, in general, in a whole new way."

Will Roberts, FSU College of Music student 

"Dr. Mirvil is such an amazing teacher and mentor. He has helped me think about music beyond technique. He also has helped me tell stories and approach music in a more emotional way. The analogies he uses while teaching are also really engaging and fun! As far as Dr. Mirvil as a person, he is uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring! I have grown so much throughout my lessons with Dr. Mirvil and appreciate everything he has done for me!"

Sarah Castillo, incoming FSU College of Music student

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