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Lessons & Services 

D. Mirvil Method


Years of experience as a private instructor, band director and collegiate professor have contributed to our founder's methodology of teaching.


Dr. Mirvil's relatable approach engages students through creative exercises, interactive demonstration and compassionate instruction. 


Ultimately, our goal is simple: to encourage every low brass instrumentalist to be the hero in their own journey toward mastery in musicianship. 

Start your journey today. 

Applied Lessons

  • Available to students of all skill levels, from beginner to collegiate

  • Offered weekly via Zoom and in-person upon request (based on location)

Hands of man playing the trombone


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30 minutes

Focus on the fundamentals in this session. Review warm-up exercises, scales and sight-reading, while also fine-tuning skills that will improve your overall technique.


1 hour

 Dive deeper into the trombone fundamentals, skills and techniques that will help you build upon the basics and mature into mastery.


30 minutes

Be educated on the essentials of euphonium playing, including warm-up techniques, scale exercises, sight-reading and more.


1 hour

Build upon the essentials with a session focused on fine-tuning the techniques and skills that will help euphonium players excel as masters of their instrument.

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30 minutes

Tackle techniques, fundamentals and more in this session designed to help tuba players build upon the basics and develop their skills.


1 hour

Take your tuba playing to the next level in this session, as you fine-tune techniques and skills that will help you develop into a masterful musician.


Additional Services 

Low Brass Masterclass

Q: What is a masterclass? A unique learning experience that combines personalized instruction with group learning.


Q: How does it work? In a DMM Low Brass Masterclass, select students receive 1-on-1 guidance from Dr. Mirvil in front of an audience of their peers. Participants and attendees alike benefit from the shared learning environment, receiving tips, guidance and insight from an experienced low brass artist and educator.

  • In a one-hour masterclass, up to (4) students receive 1-on-1 instruction

  • Ideal instructional setting for students preparing for solos, auditions, etc.

  • Customizable class structure to best suit a program's  instructional needs and musical goals

  • Available according to instrumentation (i.e. trombone, euphonium, tuba)

Low Brass

Q: How do clinics differ from masterclasses? While masterclasses limit participation to select students, clinics offer a hands-on learning experience to any instrumentalist desiring to sharpen his/her skills.


Q: What topics are covered? Anything that can help or support students become more proficient on their instrument. From tips on the proper way to assemble a trombone, to more intensive trainings like how to develop a dark tone, a DMM Low Brass Clinic is ideal for small groups, low brass sections and/or ensembles who want specialized instruction in an interactive learning environment.  

  • Ideal instructional setting for small groups, individual sections and/or ensembles

  • Customizable content to best suit a program's instructional needs and musical goals 

  • Available according to  instrumentation (i.e. trombone, euphonium, tuba)

  • Cost varies by number of participants, clinic duration and travel

Want a sneak peek of a DMM Low Brass Clinic?
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